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this is about speceil events, such as meetings/gatherings/wedding/catering/food

Sri Lanka has always been a perfect destination to travel as a family. Great family friendly accommodations make it more attractive travelers to choose this beautiful country. Jayawardhana Banglow is one of the most chosen homestays in Sri Lanka located in Mandaramnuwara, a heavenly city surrounded by misty mountains and waterfalls. It is also a popular hiking area among both locals and foreigners


Sri Lanka is a heaven for a perfect divine destination wedding. Think of a magical celebration surrounded by panoramic mountains and waterfalls . If you are looking to get a picturesque look for your wedding album and experience a one - of - a kind wedding. This is the one..Make your wedding memorable in in this amazing island.


Sri Lankan food counts among some of the most satisfying and sumptuous cuisines.

Jayawardane’s Bungalow is looking to give give our guests a taste of the country’s flavors. From creamy curries to spicy rotties and the traditional string hoppers,

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